Sr. No. Trials detail Treatments
1. Production of tomato in polyhouse (Training and pruning of vines) T1 Farmer Practice
 T2 Proper pruning of vines
2. Control of phalaris minor in Garlic T1 = Farmers practice Topic @ 400 ml/ha
T2 = Recommended practice (weeding)
T3=Control (No weeding)
3. Early production of capsicum T1= Poly house cultivation
T2= Low tunnel cultivation
T3= Farmers practice
4. Control of hardy broad leaf weeds in wheat T1= Farmers practice (Algrip @ 20 g/ha)
T2= PAU recommendation (Algrip @ 25 g/ha)
T3= Mixture (Sencor @ 125 g/ha of CP+2,4-D @ g/ha as CP

Adaptive Research Trials

Sr. No. Crop Technology Name of the trial
1. Varietal testing Adaptive Research Trial on brinjal hybrid BH 6747 v/s BH-2 (check)
2. Varietal testing Adaptive Research Trial on chilli varieties AC 101, 5D 463 v/s Pb. Surkh & Longi
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